The Secret Behind the Success of Toyota
Takao Sakai
Toyo Keizai Business Book Japan #1 best seller
"Shusa" is the president of his product and the corporate president takes the role of helping all the Shusas" -- Eiji ToyodaThe Secret Behind the Success of Toyota: How the Original Chief Engineer System Works to Generate Most of the Product Value and Profit" is the first book ever written about genuine Toyota Product Development System based on the "Shusa" system (currently referred the Chief Engineer system) which dates back to 1953. The substance of the book is based on extensive research and interviews with former Toyota executives from the Product Engineering Division and Information System Division, who took charge of different elements of vehicles such as the chassis, power train, electrical & electric, etc., as well as the author's profound experience in management consultancy. Whilst the dominant public wrongly considers the Toyota production System (TPS) as the source of the competitive edge, today Toyota generates more than 95% of the product value and profit as its product development stage. This book describes, for the first time ever, the TPD as essential functions of the company as the heart and brain of the human organism. It also sheds light on the combination of TPD and TPS, i.e., total Toyota management system.-- From Preface to the Japanese versionCompanies once used to be model of "Japan, Inc." have lost their power in global market in 2 decades.Then why, among them, is it that only Toyota, global company and its group keiretsu companies are still so strong in the world tough competition still today? What is its secret in generating such revenue and profit? If we ask this question, many would answer it is the Toyota Production System (TPS) of Kanban, and Kaizen, or its strong sales force. As a matter of fact, these replies, however, are now of course wrong, or I can say, they are complete mistakes today. Concept and techniques of TPS are quite common these days in the world as well as in Japan. Combination of TPS and Gemba QC style of management is called "Lean" outside of Japan and research and it has already been in practice more than 20 years. Some time has passed now since the US and other countries started to watch the "secret of the strength of Toyota" with the conception that bringing that system into their own operations is one of the most important factor in winning the global market. However, you may notice that no manufacturing companies who studied and applied Toyota way or "Lean" has not achieved the same high level result as Toyota yet. This book aims to clarify the total system of how Toyota, "the largest global corporation in Japan that even most Japanese hardly know about," plans, designs, manufactures, and sells products that meet the world-wide customers' needs.

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